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@onetom: thanks for catching it, fixed > "secret is only available for 120ms" it is actually 120 seconds, not ms


here is a live example on how to run it:


ah, then i did something wrong. thx, i will try to follow along the video.


im getting into new projects, so it's the time of year for me to revise my workflows. im wondering, is there anyone here who is using mount, yurt or mount-lite with cursive? i was asking about this roughly a year ago and i still hasn't got a satisfactory setup. i would be interested to have a screen sharing session to discuss it.


@tolitius i wasn't aware of your great talk from last year! u mentioned the ability of implicit / lazy state start. that was new to me.


@onetom thanks. yea implicit / lazy state start was not a goal but a potentially useful side effect 🙂