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I'm doing a lightning talk on hoplon at the clojure NYC meetup on the 19th. I think my plan is to show some code and then address why to maybe consider it over react frameworks since it seems like that's what everyone's first question is. I think mainly 1) hoplon is less mental overhead 2) There's a good chance any performance differences that might exist are premature optimizations


it’s several abstraction layers thinner than React


i wish i had advice, i’ve given several talks and never quite figured out a way to empower people to compare


between us i think micha’s done the best job so far, with


two particular technical things to possibly illuminate are 1) one big atom vs. cells - that the cell graph is a secret one big atom, and 2) the difference between retained-mode (hlisp/dom) and immediate-mode (react) graphics


Yeah I remember that talk being very good I'll have to re-watch it a few times. And look into those other things. Thanks!


np! one last thing is, you may consider not showing cell= and just showing formula


I’d still show cell= - it’s way too cool


Does anyone remember an article that talked about how to mount a hoplon app into regular html page? gotta link?