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I can’t view that issue some reason, github error


Weird, I'm seeing it okay on my machine :TM:


I get the github unicorn still


times out it seems


tl;dr sudo npm --help (and any other npm commands) run chown recursively on many root directories, effectively bricking the OS in many cases. The change that caused it was announced via blog posts etc. and was not tagged as pre-release in semver as it should have been, so it was being picked up as a mainline minor release and blowing up people's production servers.


Furthermore, maintainers were pushing the blame back on users for not testing updated packages before pushing those updates to prod, despite it being a joint failure due to the maintainers' violation of semver practices. So in general, a failure of engineering, thorough testing, communication, protocol, and community. All in a day's work for JS 9_9


Hah, thanks for the explanation. Yes, sounds like a mess.