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@drewverlee I'm a bit late to the conversation here, but what you described above sounds similar to an event driven FSM I wrote a while back. We used it in one of our applications for a time that had a complex business logic workflow and the FSM abstraction made it easier to comprehend/represent. We ended up scrapping that part of the application for other reasons, but the code remains in one of our OSS projects: It has a good bit of documentation. Might at least generate some ideas...


@manderson very interesting i’ll take a look. The description seems close to what i imagine. I’m curious why i dont see things modeled this way more often. I want a more declarative way to model the possible states an application can be in.


Yep, that's what lead me to that approach and it actually made for really easy to visualize code (and made me wonder if I was missing something because it isn't more prevalent). One problem is that it's hard to test if your events have side effects (eg: calls to a DB), so I added a multi-mock namespace in the same repo above for mocking multi-methods. It's not ideal but served its purpose.


luna-lang is all around that concept