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this list looks quite endless 🙂


I mean in the gist


I mainly only miss a more pronounced way of seeing the opposite paren/bracket of the one my cursor is on, do any of those do that?


Some proto-repl commands don't show up or don't work for me, e.g. run all tests does nothing... not sure how to go about it


Last question ― anything in the universe that will make atom jump to the line of code that crashed the run/test?


@matan the gist does look long but it really only takes about 20 minutes to set up


the protorepl commands don’t work unless you’ve got a functioning repl set up and connected. i have found that a lot of the functionality (like jumping to source or getting docstrings) just doesn’t work with my clojurescript setup. it works pretty well with a clojure repl though.


in terms of bracket highlighting I use a silly little package called bracket-matcher-highlight. it isn’t exactly what i want but it serves


it’s a replacement for bracket-matcher so you should turn that off if you install the higlighter

koala punch16:02:28

does anyone else have a problem with proto-repl not cleaning up its process when you close atom?

koala punch16:02:55

does anyone use a workaround that doesn’t involve manually killing the process via the terminal? 🙂


same issue. it is super annoying. i connect via nrepl instead of starting processes


I've taken to shutting down my REPL with (System/exit 0) 😃

koala punch17:02:43

i didn’t realise i could connect via a network repl

koala punch17:02:46

that is maybe an option

koala punch17:02:53

i think i tried before but i couldn’t get it to work

koala punch17:02:56

maybe i’ll tyr again