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Hello, everyone! I'm Matt and I'm glad to finally be here. I'm relatively new to programming - I've wanted to pursue a career as a software developer but life has way of getting in the way. So I've been delayed on my journey, but I'm determined to turn it around this year and get real experience under my belt. Pretty much fell in love with the language when I first encountered it (while taking a programming course using Java). Working professionally with it has been my goal ever since. Full transparency: my biggest stumbling block thus far has been getting a working environment up and running... I always get so close then something goes wrong and I can't seem to make heads or tails of it. So please forgive me if I ask plenty of introductory questions regarding getting my setup up and running. If there are any Clojurians in the Central Virginia, USA area - maybe we can meet up one day! I'd love to get to know you all!

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Welcome! What editor/IDE are you most comfortable with at the moment?



Stef Coetzee05:05:37

I also had a false start due to not having my environment set up. I ended up going with Calva on VS Code and that has made all the difference. 😁

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Thank you for the warm welcome everyone! Currently, I'm trying to set up Neovim with vim-plug and Conjure. Seem to be hitting a snag with getting vim-plug set up for use.


There are channels for #neovim and #conjure if you're not in them already.

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I didn't even realize that! I'll pop over to those and ask around for some help - thank you for the good directions!


Hi @U03EJ4K821F. Sorry for this late response, but I’ve been falling well behind in keeping up with Slack. I hope you’ve had some setup success. Whereabouts in central VA? I hear that region and I think Fredericksburg/Charlottesville/Richmond, which is a pretty big area 🙂