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Peter Nagy19:05:07

Hi everyone! My name is Peter and I work at a clojure startup called Fluent. We don't have a public alpha (or any alpha) yet, so not much to show currently, sorry! Based on I'm acquiring if there is any space left for a clojure nerd like me to enter your private alpha testing of Photon? Some background about me: I learned clojure in its very early version, but didn't know any Java so I left it for a couple of years. I dabbled with many languages since then and found my way back to clojure (there really isn't anything better out there, I looked!). I spent 1-2 years of my career writing Common Lisp and it's about 4 years of Clojure career at this point as well. . I closely followed Leo's work in Missionary and contributed the RxJava comparison tutorial to the repo. Why I'd like to join the private alpha: currently we're using re-frame for building our platform, which works OK for most cases. But Photon looks like a promising alternative that could really simplify the codebase in the long run! I'd be happy to check it out and report back to the team and see if there's any chance of adopting it. To be fully transparent I'll add that I don't have frontend experience apart from the bits I worked with it here at Fluent, where I'm working since January. I don't think it should be too big of a stumbling block though, I'm a quick study! 🙂

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Dustin Getz20:05:48

Great, you're on the list, I will DM you to schedule a zoom call to onboard you (as we don't have docs yet)

Peter Nagy07:05:41

great! looking forward to it