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Is it normal for a leiningen jack-in to take 2 minutes? How do I determine what is causing it


That depends on the project. Is it a large one?


Nope started happening after i installed Dart/flutter


It's probably been a feature for a while, but for whatever reason my rainbow indentation guides just started working. Holy mackerel is that an awesome feature! Just wanted to say thanks for that!

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Since ”for whatever reason”, do you know if it is VS Code's built-in guides or if it is Calva's?


Hmm... how would I tell?


If you are using Calva rainbow brackets, then the guides will have the corresponding colors. Also Calva's guides don't cross empty lines (because I don't know how to do it, maybe it is not possible for an extension).


Ok. Then, yes, I'm seeing Calva's rainbow guides. Having them match the rainbow brackets is awesome.


The VS Code update that hit me today turned on VS Code’s own bracket colorizing, which I don’t like. Had to go figure out how to turn that off.


Same for me. That is, the update switched me to VSC's colorization. Though, I haven't found a reason not to like it. As @U0ETXRFEW mentioned, the VSC guides are crossing empty lines, which I don't consider a necessity, but it's not a downgrade either.


A couple months ago I started to feel like there was too much color, it was too distracting, so I switched off all colorization except for strings (subtle blue color) and comments (subtle green). So when VSCode suddenly switched on rainbow brackets, my editor window was lit up like a Christmas tree. That was what I didn’t like. I am really liking my current low-key theme. I feel like I can see the code better without all the colors vying for attention.