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Hi everyone, My Spacemacs keeps freezing for 6-7~ seconds while typing. I'm using practicalli's dot.spacemacs with some modifications (clj-kondo instead of lsp, relative line numbers and aggressive indenting for clj)

Emacs 27.2
Spacemac's on the latest commit from develop
Any help is appreciated Thanks a lot


If LSP had been running, I would have suggested a conflict between LSP formatting and aggressive-indent. I would start by disabling aggressive-indent and see if it makes a difference


you can M-x toggle-debug-on-quit and when emacs freeze type C-g , it should stop and tell where it was frozen so you can debug it better


Thanks @U05254DQM Yeah I’ve tried that but still got freezes


Thanks @UKFSJSM38 I’ll try that


SPC SPC toggle-debug-on-quit and using C-g (may have to press several times) to get a back trace is very useful to identify the functions called leading up to a freeze (the newest calls at the top) The weirdest issue I had like this was with the compositor library, lagging behind the redrawing of the Emacs window. So changes happened, but I didn't see the results for a few seconds, making it look like a freeze. I would also try using Emacs without a Spacemacs config, either move .spacemacs.d or start Emacs with the -Q option, emacs -Q


Thanks practicalli will try that (but right now somehow I cannot reproduce the problem)