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Hey, I'm Ashour, I'm working on a personal website using Clojure. Been exploring, learning, and mostly banging my head against my desk so far.

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Hi Ashour. Welcome to Clojure. Best to start with some small programs / functions before trying a whole website. For a blog, try cryogen . If you need help after trying a few things, ask on the #beginners channel. People who hang out there are friendly and helpful to beginners.


As long as you have a strong forehead, that sounds like an awesome experience!


Appreciate it @U0AT6MBUL, thank you. And I wouldn't say my forehead is strong as much as its used to the physical trauma at this point @U0ETXRFEW :P

Erick G. Islas Osuna20:01:21

Hey everyone! I’v been working with CLisp some years ago and now, thanks to my job I’m working with the wonderful Clojure which is definitely amazing, nice to meet everyone here 🥳

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