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Using Prelude Emacs with Helm Everywhere enabled, & sometimes Swyper seems to get "stuck" with its find pane opened in a bug state. Anyone seen this before (& fixed it?) I figure I could disable Swyper but I do like the search improvements it brings


Swiper would work well with Ivy. I believe that Ivy was originally an extension of swiper. If you're set on Helm, maybe try the ctrl-f package?


Fwiw, bbatsov switched to consult and selectrum in his own personal configuration. Not sure why prelude still uses helm. Most folks have had a positive experience with vertico and selectrum.

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I swapped over to Helm after trying out Ivy for a bit; considered Vertico/Selectrum but didn't want to swap off Helm due to both familiarity & the high value of integrations. I suspect that Swyper wasn't intended to be part of my Helm workflow; might be a remnant that I should manually fix from when I had Prelude-Ivy enabled. I do like it though, so I'll probably try to fix it before abandoning it. (I might eventually figure out how to intentionally trigger the bugged mode :thinking_face:)