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Just wanted to say thank you to the Clojure community. I ❤️ Clojure. I’m a designer who likes to hack. I live in New York City. Any favorite intro books for beginners to dive deep?

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From the perspective of a former designer, I have been really enjoying Clojure due to it feeling a bit like an art itself, and the community that also makes amazing things for fun or maybe even just to prove it can be done. Might be an obvious response, but I would recommend Clojure for the Brave and True. It has the important stuff but is filled with imaginative analogies that a brain like mine can engage with. Also consider the courses from Eric Normand if you are a video learner. And finally lets you do Clojure too if game-like puzzles are your thing.


Thanks for the resources. And I can’t agree more… I first dipped my toes in by reading the Clojure specs for a few weeks. I’ve only spent a day or so actually coding a program, but its having a really meaningful impact on me. There was something that just clicked… And now I find myself reflecting more about simplicity and am starting to see in ‘forms’. 🪄


Yeah, I can relate. Been working in a codebase that is an intangled mutable spaghetti mess and experiencing Clojure has really had me on a mission to change the way we are doing things. Getting a new perspective is a great thing. Not really coming from the computer science background I have no expectations of pulling off the amazing stuff these folks are doing (or maybe selling myself short) but I think one's thought process can be improved from even just hanging out in the Clojurians Slack for a while and absorbing.

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