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I don’t actively work in clojure right now, and yet I find myself always wanting to ask the clojure community for opinions/resources since in my experience this is where I’ve got the best advice / most widsom 🙂 I’m curious if anybody has recommendations of resources which talk about how to organize software engineering at the “team” or “organization” level? Across some project which requires dozens of engineers, what sort of philosophy can be applied to optimize for productivity and developer happiness while scaling out what was previously a smaller, more senior, and tight-nit group of developers?

emilaasa06:11:44 is another book recommendation that touches on this

Alex Miller (Clojure team)03:11:36

if you find the answer, please let us know :)

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)03:11:14

I just saw recently, thought it did a pretty good job at talking about the challenges at least

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@trailcapital no silver bullets, of course, but Accelerate (Humble, @genekim, Forsgren) makes some really good points. (And with Gene Kim in there, good advice / wisdom literally from the Clojure community :)


Accelerate is full of hard-core practical advice that directly speaks to your question. Allied to that, I'll also throw in Allspaw (, Bellotti (, and Meadows (


great, thanks for all the suggestions! Very appreciated - I will look through them all