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Not sure if this is appropriate to ask of all of you, but I figure, what the heck, exposure could only help our cause 😁 RTs welcome!

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Retweeted. Hope more people will follow.

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Jacob Rosenzweig22:11:28

What happens when the pro trial is lost? Does the entire slack get shut down?


No, it will become as before, just no history


Back a few years ago I actually contacted slack with this exact question about open source non-profit communities and clojurians specifically. Response was essentially “we don’t give a crap”…so yeah…


quoting part of the response in 2018: > … That said, while we’ve has some interest in a version of “community paid plans” at present we have no plans to change our pricing levels. but who knows…might be worth pinging them again. Back then they did have a non-profit plan which gave a 85% discount (still too expensive) but a community like ours did not meet the criteria at the time. I’ll probably reach out to them again and see if that answer is still valid.


The bet here is that they will just let us be on the Pro plan w/o charging at all.


the actual Slack CEO is looking into it at the moment 😄


I suspect we will either have to actively cancel or we get a bill for 100k or whatever the monthly is…I’m on a chat with them now to ask


@U4VDXB2TU, the Slack CEO responded to my tweet, he's looking into it!


nice! ok I’ll shut down my grunt level communications channel then : )


I’m having twitter issues…but might be good if as many as possible could go hit like on that reply from the slack ceo


as an indication of interest

Jacob Rosenzweig19:12:19

Hey, if stewart wants to keep this slack alive, I'm all for it. I really like the app but their sales strategy kills non-profit use.

Jacob Rosenzweig19:12:02

They should make it easier for non-profit communities to use it. That's how you keep general public interest in the product alive.