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When setting up a Clojure Deps project, we need to manually exclude certain folders like like node_modules , resources/js/compiled , target etc, to remove the noise when searching for namespaces and files. Are there other ways to achieve the exclusion than to manually select the folders in project settings?

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Drew Verlee16:11:02

What are the steps for working with a shadow cljs project using deps.edn? I assume i 1. start the shadow process via something like npx/npm/yark shadow-cljs watch <some-build> 2. then connect to that repl via cursive run > clojure REPL > remote repl > connection type: nREPL + connection details: connect to server, host: localhost, port <port>. In step two i'm i supposed to select a "context module"? There isn't any options it just reads [none]


Do you have a deps.edn module configured?

Drew Verlee00:12:27

@U3FKR3KDF it's setup the same way the cursive docs on deps recommend

Drew Verlee16:11:11

or maybe i'm supposed to follow the configuring deps docs and then do something more for shadow?