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Daniel Jomphe21:09:02

Successfully bumped up Hyperfiddle RCF to 20220902-130636. Thanks for the good work!👌:skin-tone-3:

Daniel Jomphe21:09:12

This is a change that I observed:

Daniel Jomphe21:09:38

It didn't use to separate each success by a newline.

Daniel Jomphe21:09:01

I think you discussed this some number of months ago. Someone might have asked for it.

Dustin Getz21:09:11

that's not right

Dustin Getz21:09:49

Geoffrey is on vacation, are you able to downgrade?

Geoffrey Gaillard04:09:19

No changes on test reporters. The output in calva always looked like this to me. This is VSCode, so electron, each console print forces a newline. Did it looked different in Calva before?

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Daniel Jomphe14:09:50

Here's a screenshot taken in May with Calva. Lines 942 and 969... It made REPL printing much faster - one line per success slows down things a lot in Calva.

Daniel Jomphe14:09:39

I tested the latest RCF releases with Calva. • 20220405 (and earlier) prints them all on the same line • 20220827-151056 prints each on a newline • 20220902-130636 prints each on a newline

Dustin Getz15:09:44

Thank you - ok we will log a ticket

Daniel Jomphe15:09:08

It would be possible for me to try bisecting to the specific commit between versions that introduced the change, if you want. Geoffrey doesn't seem to have much luck with Calva. Is that on linux? Here it's VS Code in Windows, with the code living in a docker dev container hosted in WSL Ubuntu :)