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Gold dig for me, but whatever. Same question was on Arcadia Gitter ( and issue ( Arcadia seems to be abandoned. Original authors (Tims Gardner and Ramsey Nasser seems to not have enough time for maintaining it. But it still works, at least in Unity 2021.3 LTS - I've checked is some time ago. In 2022.1 there are errors, which prevents from running play mode. But you can always make fork of repo, fix it and share here. I was even thinking about it, but also running short on time by now.

Joshua Suskalo17:09:57

Have you thought about talking about Arcadia Godot instead of arcadia unity @ekhart? @selfsame is still around and does some stuff on the godot version.


I know selfsame from Arcadia Unity. He shared his solution for Godot first there. I've done also game in Godot, but it was some time ago.