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Would anyone be interested in testing #clavascript for Advent of Code problems? It is a dialect of Clojure that looks a lot like CLJS, but is built on mutable JS, it does not come with persistent data structures. {:a 1} means mutable object and [1 2 3] is an array. It's basically "write CLJ syntax, get JS". I think it could be really interesting for AoC.


Expect some rough edges though, but it might be fun to fix those as part of the challenge :)


This is my solution to day 1: You're welcome to contribute yours :)

Ben Lieberman19:09:09

This looks fun, I will check this out. You can do day 1 part 2 with (nthrest coll 3) I believe :thinking_face: I did this problem recently and I believe that worked


Nice! Note that clavascript is a re-implementation of CLJS-ish in JS so not all core functions exist yet, but that is a good chance to post an issue and maybe submit an implementation

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