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Any plans to make these or future sessions available on Youtube? I found Clojure content to be underrepresented in general over there. It may help expose biff to an audience beyond slack and the newsletter

Jacob O'Bryant17:09:27

No plans currently but I'm open to it. I prefer doing vimeo embeds for the website because youtube embeds try to pull people away from your site and onto youtube (after the video finishes there's a "watch more" screen which redirects to youtube and can't be disabled--tradeoff for free hosting). However it probably wouldn't hurt to upload the videos in both places šŸ¤· I probably would never link to the youtube one myself, but if it gets enough traffic from youtube search and recommendations then that should justify the extra time spent to upload it there.

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Jacob O'Bryant17:09:42

(which reminds me that vimeo also has a "more videos from _" screen at the end of the video that I need to figure out how to disable, but at least it doesn't redirect you to a different web page)


Uploading them in both places sounds like a decent experiment, hopefully it drives traffic your way and not the other way around. I do appreciate your concern though, they're pretty good at sending users down assorted rabbit holes

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