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what is MWC?


@onetom material web components


@flyboarder so i think the missing bit in my understanding is why using do-watch causes a memory leak


@thedavidmeister im second guessing that, my previous understanding was that the -tpl macro was creating a new element when the cell updated, but if it works for the other attribute then perhaps it’s not creating a new element and my confusion is caused by :value attribute


if it indeed is not creating a new element, then shouldn’t something like (cell= (and data value)) work? anytime the underlying data cell is updated, value should also update even if it hasn’t changed? However when I tested this I get the same result, so I believe the -tpl macro is creating a new element. Could you roll the changes into your own value attribute? i think that would make it easier to test


the -tpl macro has a pool of elements


it only ever creates new ones when the number of elements increases


@dm3 yeah so then it’s probably just the :value attribute causing my confusion