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So I’m having a little bit of trouble with cloverage and schema


I want to use cloverage to see where I have large amounts of untested code, so I can test it


but if I look for a file with lots of untested forms


a lot of times those forms are coming from some macro and I don’t really care if they get tested


like, I have a bunch of functions defined with schema.core/defn and every one of them has schema validation and error reporting code inlined into it


similar problem is when doseq and for produce two branches — one for a chunked sequence, one for unchunked, and I don’t actually care which one was taken


The trouble is that at this point my code is tested decently well, and so when I go looking for untested code, most of it is stuff like this that I don’t care about


and if I could get this stuff to stop showing up, I’d have an easier time finding the remaining untested code


and I’m wondering if there are ways to annotate things or provide compile-time flags or something so that this extraneous code doesn’t complicate things


I mean, I can see some ways forward but I’m wondering if this is a problem someone has already had and done something about