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Good day, everyone! I’ve recently come aboard as CTO of Centriq Technology (, where I lead a small, distributed team working with Datomic, boot, Re-frame and building native apps in Clojurescript via React Native and - see for a Clojure/west talk given by people I see in standup every day, about the triumphs and challenges of building native apps with Clojurescript. Centriq is looking to add two remote engineers on a contract-to-hire basis: - must be eligible to work in the US - must be available to overlap at least some US timezone “core hours” (1400-2200 GMT, 0900-1700 EDT) - Our people-facing stack is Slack, Zoom video conferencing, Github with reviewed PRs. - Our technical stack is cloud-native in AWS; Datomic and boot-run clj on the backend; with a couple of cljs SPAs and then React Native mobile clients that hit either a REST API or GraphQL endpoint managed by the backend. You do not need to know all of this, obviously, but being able to demonstrate that you can hit the ground running in some corner of that ecosystem is a definite plus. - We would also be open to a candidate who has lots of React Native knowledge, and interest in functional programming/Clojurescript. If this sounds like something you would like to learn more about, please contact me at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> Cheers!