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this is still ridiculous:

grid-template-areas: "header header"
                      "nav    content"
                      "nav    footer";


Hey, so I’m kinda new to this channel, though i’ve been playing around with your libs lately and it’s been a blast 🙂 Anyway, I have a question if you guys wouldn’t mind, perhaps I missed the docs yet I’ve been looking into Clojure Spec and can see that it’s available in the core V1.9 release, yet the Hoplon examples use Clojure V1.8, is there any reason for this, such as Castra being incompatible?


i would be surprised if things weren't 1.9 compat, you should be able to specify that version and it should all just work ™️


I’ve been using Hoplon extensively with 1.9-beta14. No issues.


Ahh sounds good, thanks @alandipert @candera