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Using advanced compilation makes sense for keeping the size of the and index.ios.js files down so Babel doesn't have a hard time with the minification step. The more modules you add, the bigger index.js files get. And it shaves a little bit off the final app size. Missing externs makes the advanced compiled app crash so important to get them all included. But there's been recent work on getting Clojurescript to infer externs that would be very helpful but I've not had a chance to try it out with react native.


^ I think it's not useful in re-natal (react native) because the source in the end will be byte-code, and not something used in the web.


although I agree with you if the usage is for the web 🙂


@harrybin still not convinced :)


Babel should be able to handle your cljs bundles


Adv compilation is a lot of headache for little gain


@pesterhazy in some older versions of RN it was taking really long to minify or the system would run into out of memory issues, for me that was fixed with using advanced compilation. So I'm still sticking with it, but maybe it's no longer helpful. Whatever works, until the ecosystem stabilises a bit more and we can define more best/stable practices. But I'm already really happy developing Android+iOS cross platform apps with Clojurescript!


Maybe the problem will go away with David's latest changes