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Hello, I have newbie question for spec. Let’s suppose I have map {"first-name" “name”} , can you please show the spec which check key (= ”first-name”) and if the is string. Thanks


Thing I cannot understand here, that if I had keyword instead of “first-name” everything would be trivial:

(s/def :first-name string?)
(s/valid? (s/keys :req-un [:first-name]) {:first-name “name”}) ;=> true
But if “first-name” I cannot attach spec to it


if you are doing this just for experimentation -- then

(s/def ::str-str-map #(string? (get % "first-name")))
(s/valid? ::str-str-map {"first-name" "josh"})
but in practice, this only makes life difficult. there's not a way i know of to do this cleanly, as spec is not trying to promote this type of behavior


it's quite difficult to figure out what other options stest/check accepts in the :clojure.spec.test.check/opts key


the doc string says: "::stc/opts opts to flow through test.check/quick-check" but it's not really clear which function this refers to


I can go to the source and see it calls stest/check-1, which calls a private function stest/quick-check which calls clojure.spec.gen/quick-check which calls clojure.test.check/quick-check


which tells me the keys are :seed and :num-tests, so as far as I can tell :seed is the only other option it accepts


I wish the doc-string for stest/check just told me this right away because I might not have clojure.test.check required and so I need to dig quite deep to find the information


the same goes for s/coll-of which tells me it accepts the same options as every, rather than just telling what those options are


so I have a hard time composing specs due to its macro nature


ie. anything that creates a spec must be a macro


I can't have a function (validate-a-thing TypeOfThing) that returns a spec


it must be a macro that generates (s/spec #(instance? TypeOfThing %))


or am I missing something obvious? using instance? as a basic example my spec is actually a bit more complex than that


(defn validate-a-thing [type] (s/spec #(instance? type %)) works well enough but the error suffers as it is always fails predicate: (instance? type %)


can't find an obvious way to provide custom explain logic, don't care about the gen part in this case


Shouldn’t my generator be good enough to be used to check the corresponding function against it’s spec?

(frequencies (map (partial s/valid? (s/and ::matrix
                              ::non-zero-row-sums)) (gen/sample (matrix-gen) 100)))
;; => {true 27, false 73}
I end up with ExceptionInfo Couldn't satisfy such-that predicate after 100 tries. clojure.core/ex-info (core.clj:4725) again and again.


@thheller Yeah you are right, validate-a-thing needs to be a macro to achieve what you want


@thheller I don't think you're missing anything


I’d really appreciate some feedback on this:!topic/clojure/wwJVJKtxps8


this exact situation has come up several times here @uwo — unfortunately, there’s not much you can do other than what you’ve already identified, at least, none that I’m aware of. The reality is that you do not have one set of billed-charges; you have two, which means you will need to spec two, whether that’s through a multi-spec or explicit naming


do you have more levels of nesting than what you’ve shown?


@joshjones thanks, and yes, many many levels of nesting