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any advice on handling file uploads with lacinia? besides this issue on multi-part requests ( couldn't find any info on it online

Lennart Buit21:12:19

Thats probably also where that issue came from

Lennart Buit21:12:26

oh that is also in that issue, reading is hard 😕

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I'm using this spec on an Alumbra server with this middleware and ring.middleware.multipart-params It may work for Lacina as well.

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Lennart Buit15:01:42

Yeah I found your stuff, I have an implementation for Lacinia laying around that I want to release in a few days ^^

Lennart Buit15:01:53

Somewhat similar, somewhat different


I think general advice is to use a mutation to get a file upload id, then upload the file to a normal HTTP handler using the id