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David Brear16:12:45

hey guys, happy Monday. I've been digging through all the ways of doing custom indentation for formatting. I have some macros that are getting 1 indentation and the team I'm on wants 2 spaces ie:

should be:
where the ( is under the o in go as opposed to the g has anyone found a good way in calva to customize these indentations?

David Brear16:12:08

I saw that with cljfmt you can use an indentation.edn file but I don't entirely know where this should go or how to get calva to respect it


Calva would not respect it, unfortunately. Currently there is no way to customize the indentation. It might be the next thing I fix, though.

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David Brear17:12:02

oh okay gotcha. thanks for the response Peter! I'm loving Calva by the way


You’re welcome!


About the indent conf support. I think it should be pretty straightforward to add. And I am on xmas leave from my day job, so there’s hope. 😃

David Brear18:12:42

oh badass. yeah I just got back to my day job and school starts in a few days :face_vomiting: . Otherwise I'd jump on trying to learn how to implement these features myself


Hi. Do I need to restart VSC when chaning calva.prettyPrintingOptions? 'cause I don't see any effect of the setting.


It should take effect immediately.