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Alper Cugun23:12:02

Completed day 6-2 with relative ease and then 8-1 proved to be really easy in clojure. Looks like I’m getting comfortable with the language.


Nice 🙂 Happy to see I’m not the only one still doing puzzles. I liked this tip someone gave me earlier:

(let [ys (descendants ::YOU)
      ss (descendants ::SAN)]
    (set/union ys ss)
    (set/intersection ys ss))))


I think your part 2 can also be shortened using set operations only

Alper Cugun07:12:51

Yeah, I’m plugging away to get comfortable with the language. That’s going pretty well by now.

Alper Cugun07:12:27

I’m skipping the intcode ones because I originally started this in Haskell and I’m not sure whether I want to port my intcode computer to Clojure.