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@nirrub I believe that cider-find-var only works when the REPL is running and the code you are trying to find is evaluated. I rarely use this function myself as it doesn’t feel very reliable. I use symbol highlighting (a Spacemacs transient state, not sure if it’s in Doom, sorry). Or I use helm-ag or swoop to jump to symbol locations in a buffer or project, using narrowing to a function if relevant. There are quite a few Emacs approaches to finding things. To refactor a local binding name, I use iedit and narrowing if the local binding name is not unique to the function in that namespace. Here are various ways I have learned to navigate code I haven’t used Doom, but assume if the same packages are installed then you can do the same things as I do in Spacemacs.


dumb-jump provides a nice heuristic for jumping to definitions using grep (or ag, rg, etc.). Spacemacs glues that to most modes as a fallback if the intelligent jump functions fail.


smart-jump is a standalone package that takes a similar approach - tries to be smart, falls back to dumb-jump. I haven't used it but it looks slightly better than Spacemacs' approach. Doom might have something like it already.