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Here's something else I'd like to float. I'm working on a variant of DataLoader for Lacinia. Once it incubates in house (and is successful, I hope) it would be open-sourced; ideally as part of Lacinia itself. However, at some point, we need to do some logging if, for example, a thread we start to resolve some data throws an exception. So far, we've avoided using any logging in the lacinia code (outside of tests) because we haven't wanted to tie anyone to a single logging framework. For example, we use something custom, in house, that predates most of the common options. In other work, I've used Pedestal logging; I like logs as data. What if Lacinia had a dependency on Pedestal logging?

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Since others mentioned that Pedestal logging is using SLF4J which is supported by Timbre (logging library we use: I don't have slightest issue with the dependency and I think some logging might be useful.