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I can’t run figwheel REPL through nNREPL anymore and when I change to clojure.main the whole standard lib seems to be undefined. The REPL still works but everything is yellow. Is this a known issue or is my setup faulty somehow?


I’ll test this to see if I can reproduce.


can some one remind me how to run custom "setup" code upon cursive (nREPL, with deps) REPL start? and where to put it


user.clj is usually the best place to put things like this.


yeah, user.clj works, but not for (set! *print-namespace-maps* false) apparently.

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Can't change/establish root binding of: *print-namespace-maps* with set
thank you.


Oh, right, I dimly remember this was complicated. I think it’s because nREPL has to set that as a binding, so it would require some setup code to be sent each time the REPL is started. I’ve been planning to add that to the run configs, but have not done so yet, sorry.

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(specifically, I want this to be executed (set! *print-namespace-maps* false))

Kari Marttila17:10:25

I haven't had time to read the Cursive channel lately. I still have IntelliJ IDEA 2019.1.4 and Cursive v1.8.2-2019.1 and this setup is working just fine. So, is it safe to upgrade to latest IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2.3 and upgrade Cursive plugin as well? The reason I'm asking this is that I tried a couple of months ago to upgrade IDEA and there were some issues with Cursive.


I'm on 2019.2.3 & Cursive 1.9.0-eap6-2019.2 and things are working great.

Kari Marttila17:10:58

Is it a hassle to install that eap6 version?


I just leave the "Check for EAP builds" option checked in the settings. Then it'll just automatically update the plugin for you.

Kari Marttila17:10:00

Ok. No major hassle then. I don't want any extra hassle in my life. 🙂

Kari Marttila17:10:47

Maybe I rsync my old IDEA installation before the upgrade... just in case...


EAP builds tend to be just as stable as the stable builds. Recently there has been more issues due to all the IntelliJ bugs. It's super easy to downgrade versions if necessary.

Kari Marttila17:10:39

Ok. Thanks for the info!

Kari Marttila17:10:09

I upgraded IntelliJ IDEA to 2019.2.3 and Cursive plugin got upgraded to 1.8.2-2019.2. I don't see that "Check for EAP builds" option, where is it?


Search for "check for eap" in the settings window. It'll pop up.

Kari Marttila17:10:06

Upgraded IntelliJ IDEA and Cursive plugin (eap6). Just tested REPL - everything seems to be working. Thanks!


I seem to pretty consistently get an error alert when switching branches. This is in the log file.


This might be related to the previous stacktrace you posted - I’ll see if I can work out why you’re seeing these.


I haven’t been able to reproduce either this or your previous stacktrace, but going over the code again I found some inconsistencies in how I was using the API to create libraries, which might be relevant. I’ve fixed those, so let me know if this is improved in the next release.


Ok. I can pretty consistently reproduce it on both my Mac and Linux machine. Will let you know if the next release fixes it.


Great, thanks.


I updated to 1.9.0-eap7-2019.2 and am still getting the exception when switching branches.


I copied the entire message this time. It all seemed redundant before, perhaps it's not.


Ok, I’ll keep investigating, thanks.


@U083D6HK9 The message is repetitive because it’s getting the same error for multiple libraries. The first of them is io.netty/netty-transport-native-unix-common:4.1.25.Final - does that exist in both branches (the ones you’re switching from and to)?


I think so. Any idea which project it is for? While this exception does happen when switching branches, I don't think it is caused by branch switching. Simply hitting the Refresh button in the Deps panel will cause it too.


i.e. Deps refreshes produce the exception & branch switching causes the Deps refresh.


Yeah, I saw that in your later message. It’s really strange. What’s also weird is that all of the deps that it’s complaining about are all netty-related.


I’ll try to reproduce with those exact deps and see if there’s something weird about them


The one I am getting now is for re-frame-10x.


"Deps:' already disposed"


Well, I didn't open the logs but that's the one that shows up in the error notification after hitting the refresh button.


And it happens every single time. I feel like it didn't do that before, can't be sure though.


I imagine you’d have noticed if it happened every time.


Maybe. I don't click that button that often though.


@U0567Q30W This appears to be fixed in the latest version. Branch switching is also a lot faster.


@U083D6HK9 Oh great, thanks for letting me know! You should also be able to cancel a resolve in case you need to, which might be useful with a big project like yours. If you just start a new one it will also cancel the previous one first.