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I don't recommend updating packages (from Melpa) at the moment. I am getting several bad-signature errors when updating packages today, specifically the flycheck-package package. I downloaded that manually from another laptop and am now getting the same error with package-lint. Its not stopping me working, so will try again over the weekend and see if its fixed itself.


Updating my Emacs version to the latest fixed it for me.


I also updated gpg2, not sure if that did anything though. On its own, it hadn't fixed it.

Alexander Heldt14:10:27

hi, im on a mac and im having trouble copying from a buffer to the system clipboard. should it “just work” or do i have to define something?

Alexander Heldt14:10:43

i tried "+y and "*y and im used to in vim, but it does not work


@me1243 try adding osx layer

Alexander Heldt16:10:24

@ag thanks, ill do that!