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I'm not sure about a ton. I guess I feel that we soon as you have to change one, it would feel incomplete as I often use specs for docs. I guess my gripe is that I don't think it saves much time and it has the added disadvantage of hiding the documentation


That said. I've never used it


hmm. I guess it depends on where your specs sit in your system.


for us, we have a graphql service that serves many clients - some clojure, some not


so using something like lacinia-gen or serene in our Clojure clients allows us to add power. but GraphQL is much more standard with many great libraries already for e.g. mobile applications


@petr Our talk video should be up today. I hope you will watch it and perhaps it will change your mind.


I have watched the talk and I still feel like it has only reinforced what I was saying. Maybe I'm just not who this library is meant for. Best of luck with it!