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> Why doesn’t fastlane suppor transit+edn, @bozhidar? I suspect I am getting something wrong here. 😃


I didn’t even know Transit had this. 🙂 I just assumed that for you dealing with JSON is more or less the same as dealing with EDN.


No, you are right, it doesn’t have that. I have always assumed that it has because we use transit in my project at work and I was unaware that it took the path via JSON (we have EDN at the server and EDN in the client).


I can of course do the same in the Calva nREPL client.


@bozhidar, how would I use fastlane in a leiningen project?


I am looking at a fresh luminus project. It has some code that it looks like I can modify to make it use fastlane. But I would like to be able to specify what is needed from a command line, like that command line for clj in the fastlane README.


@bozhidar, never mind my thinking-out-loud above, for now. I’ll start with a deps.edn project and creating an nrepl client speaking transit, and can worry about leiningen and stuff later.