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are there any examples using prepl, for clojure and/or clojurescript?


mainly interested in CLJS, but I’d take either one


Hi! I would like to make a stylesheet on a CDN, <link>ed in my index.html, always use the cache if available. It is the only external dependency of our application and the file is even integrity checked using a hash, so it is guaranteed that it will never change. I read that this can be implemented somehow using service workers and that Google has some library for NodeJS called sw-precache that could do it, but I don't really want to run NodeJS just to get this done. Is there something simple? Some simple JS or CLJS library where I only have to call (force-always-use-cache "https://...") and I am done?


I find lots of examples to invalidate the cache and force a reload, but nothing to force the browser to use the cached version...