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Put together a quick using-rebl-with-leiningen repo I was unclear what it would take to use it with an existing REPL until I started playing around with it so maybe it will help someone else too.

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Good suggestion on :resource-paths -- I used lein-localrepo to install the REBL JAR to my local Maven cache and then I could add a regular :dev dependency on it.

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Sounds like it would be helpful to cover alternate methods and provide a dev or repl profile example. EDIT: Updated readme to include alternate installation approaches such as yours.


meanwhile, corporate america slowly bleeds dry due to a lack of checkmarks...


Rich has updated the GitHub issue about rebl clarifying it may only be used for open source and hobby programming right now. Open to discussing it's value and licensing model for commercial use


Seems like there's an advantage of not working with Clojure than, being able to use REBL whenever you want.


i don't think i understand what you are trying to say


Since I don't earn any money with Clojure I could use the REBL anytime I want, while someone who does is moving in a grey area when the thing he/she is working on is work related.


sounds like neither one of us can use it at our day job 🙂