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A busy week of interviews for a new role using Clojure, continuing on with my virtual Clojure study group, mentoring several people in Clojure (and occasionally Spacemacs), adding more content to my Practicalli books and completing some more 4Clojure challenges. Oh and sorting out some issues with the Clojure workshops before ClojureX this year, as well as a few additional things with ClojureX itself. The log is up to day, just lapsed a little in pushing it to Github and updating here.


Oh my, the holidays keep getting closer every day 🙂 Its now day 78 and today I did a broadcast of the 5th clojure study group. Todays broadcast was live coding a simple encoder/decoder in Clojure using the TDD test first approach. I had a bit of a cold today, so needed to do some post processing of the broadcast to remove all the coughing and pauses to clear my breathing.


The advent of code started today, so I hope to find time to work on some of the challenges. Hopefully I wont see too many spoilers in the #adventofcode channel.

👍 4

hehe i'm starting too a bit delayed with adventofcode


I did the first part of day one, there was a really easy way to solve that... took longer to create a project 🙂