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Angelo16:06:38 Hey folks, in the following repo-I set up the project and postgres docker image and it connects and starts with no problem. I get an issue in where I try to run a querie in REPL usually I will get a NullPointerException like so


user=> (q "{ game_by_id(id: \"1234\") { name designers { name games { name }}}}")

NullPointerException   clojure.core/deref-future (core.clj:2292)


I am using the sample queries from the tutorial


I'm still in the middle of working on the latest chapter of the tutorial (been on hold for a bit, my apologies) so master isn't stable. Can you try switching to one of the branches? Each chapter gets its own branch.


I saw this in my github feed this morning;


Switching branches works, thanks! Once I finish this project, I would to love help you finish the tutorial. @hlship


Yes, I'm remiss in not going further on it. That's been a friday thing, but my fridays have been filled with other things!


Some of which I hope to make public soon.


lacinia/0.28.0 and lacinia-pedestal/0.9.0 are now up on Clojars.


I'm skipping the normal announcement since they were minor bug fix releases ... in fact, in retrospect, they each should have been a patch release rather than a minor.