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@hlship We are using Lacinia since 0.14.0 in a pretty big schema and the lib is awesome. We just did a retro with our team for the project we been using it in (8 months long with 3 backend devs) and we only had good words for the GraphQL portion of the API which is backed by Lacinia. The implementation of the GraphQL spec is top notch.

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@hlship We are using Lacinia in a team of 2 backend devs and 5 frontend devs to build an app with focus on real-time interaction. I completely agree with @boubalou, the implementation is rock solid. Subscriptions provided by lacinia-pedestal even work out-of-the box with the apollo client and so far they have been very reliable.


I just released 0.26.0 ... BUT I screwed up in terms of the normal process (which is to wait until we have the new code in production). I'm 99.9% confident there won't be problems, but just wanted to provide a heads up.


And thanks for the kind words about Lacinia, those filtered WAY up on the Walmart leadership chain.

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