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Joe Lane00:04:18

its not cljs, for that I’d use cljs-lambda, but portkey is pretty sweet

Joe Lane00:04:53

you need 1. java 8 2. an aws role named portkey with the policy described on the home page 3. Imagination.

Joe Lane00:04:54

Elevator pitch, “Play at the repl, when the function does what you want, call portkey to serve that function from an endpoint in the cloud”


^ there's also a channel for that #portkey


Hi people! any one here trying to use sam local with lambada deflambdafn and facing: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: handleRequest (awslambda.test/G__11093handleRequest not defined?)


fwiw I just did this with terraform and it's ... OK


Terraform is probably a good idea if you also have a bunch of other infrastructure to manage