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Eamonn Sullivan22:01:57

Hi, I'm trying to create a native image out of a small app that uses clj-http. The app hits an API (at https) and needs client authentication using certs. It runs OK in the jvm, but if I try to create a native image out of it, I'm getting Error: No instances of .ssl.SSLContext are allowed in the image heap as this class should be initialized at image runtime. Am I reading that right, that I can't use anything SSL-ish in a native image? That seems kind of a severe limitation.


affirmative, clj-http-lite works with graalvm

Eamonn Sullivan22:01:33

Ah, OK. Will try clj-http-lite.


my fork of martinklepsch's fork simply removed an external dependency (slingshot) so babashka didn't have to support that


but other than that it's the same


taylor's clojurl is also built using clj-http-lite: