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@austin021 not yet, I've been working on a solution to this exact problem, but I can't promise any timeline, the work is been done in this branch:, the idea is to a have a standalone electron app that you can connect parsers directly, until that's ready the best is to setup a fulcro app just enough that you have access to the tools check 馃憞

位ustin f(n)17:01:21

I am glad to see there is progress on it! Do you know how close your solution is? Perhaps close enough I can finish getting it working for me with my little-to-no knowledge of fulcro?


not so easely, there are some decisions to be made and new UI to support some things like multiple connections, would require some Fulcro knowledge at this point, thanks for the offer


and you get a combined version of pathom-viz + query editor


your application should support CORS requests though

位ustin f(n)18:01:19

Thanks @thenonameguy! That worked great! To anyone else who wants this, I simply have a resolver connected to a 'POST' endpoint that receives/sends transit. The only thing I had to add was a step to filter out 'fn' objects from the response so transit could serialize it.


yup, or you can write a custom transit serializer which Wilker documented in the docs. (I鈥檓 in favor of just stripping fns from the index in the pathom-viz resolver)