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Hey, any ideas why autocompletion is not working for me in Calva REPL (shadow-cljs)?


@slawek098 are you using jack-in, or are you starting the REPL yourself and connecting to it?


I am starting the repl by myself.


See if completion works if you let calva start it.


Is Calva capable of starting shadow via npx?


Yes, iirc that is what it uses.


Yeah, now it works. Why it is so?


Calva needs the nREPL server started in your shadow-cljs app to provide the services of completion and others. And it needs to be a version of the server that is compatible with Calva as a client. If you look at the command that Calva uses to start you project, you will see the command line options used to inject the necessary dependencies. I recommend that you keep using Jack-in, but if you need to start the project yourself and connect, then pick those command line options and use them when you start the project. That will work until Calva is updated such that it needs some other version, which is why I recommend jack-in. I have tried to explain the jack-in process here: Not sure how well I succeed...

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