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Mr. Savy02:01:57

fulcro has helped me internalize a valuable lesson by beating it into me senselessly until i'm eating dirt. it's that if you have any problem, the first step to fixing it is to reduce it to the simplest case and solve that first; then you build back up to wherever you were before.

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Gleb Posobin14:01:45

I have a MainPage component, which when the state of a session state machine is :logged-in renders the personal page, and in other case renders the landing page. How do I load data for the personal page, if the user is logged in and they navigated to the main page? Do I make another state machine which tracks if the MainPage is navigated to, and make the session state machine call an event on that new machine once the user logs in? Making the session UISM know about the MainPage looks like coupling, is there a way to subscribe to the events of a state machine without changing its handlers?

Jakub HolĂ˝ (HolyJak)17:01:00

Dynamic router? Landing page as the 1st,default target and homepage as the 2nd. When you see she is logged in, route to it

Gleb Posobin20:01:23

Route from the session state machine?

Gleb Posobin20:01:13

I guess this is the best solution, unless there is a way to subscribe to state machine state changes. Is there a conceptual reason why it is not implemented if not?

Jakub HolĂ˝ (HolyJak)21:01:54

I know little about UISM but I believe you cannot "subscribe" to them. SMs are active and do things. So it seems OK to me that it would trigger a route change. (Though I am not sure whether it is OK to call dr/change-route! from an uism. You can try.)


Ditto above - no subscriptions. I think it's related to Tony's experience/opinion of event systems, though feel free to correct me on that.


anyone here uses emacs w/ fulcro RAD that I could DM about setup?


Noob question, if someone is learning fulcro from scratch, is it recommended that they start with the fulcro 3 book/videos or jump right into fulcro RAD stuff?


@slack1304 I started with the book so I can make sense of the RAD codebase


now I'm trying to work w/ RAD but I'm having some issues running it, it might be me messing the setup thoug

Mr. Savy23:01:10

@ hayley and alex it depends on what you want to use it for, but upon reflection I would suggest forming some sort of plan of action (like making a simple form or a state mutation via an event) and try to accomplish that while working with the book. there's also some guides/wiki stuff out there sorta. in particular holyjak has a fulcro troubleshooting guide on his blog that might help. that's what has worked for me, anyways.

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