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I'm puzzled by this log line: 2021-01-11 03:40:32 2021-01-11T11:40:32.623Z 395282b8415d WARN [crux.s3:326] - S3 key not found: UnsafeBuffer{addressOffset=16, capacity=21, byteArray=[[email protected], byteBuffer=null} it seems crux.s3 has never been 326 lines long and s3-key is created by str so it shouldn't be an UnsafeBuffer in the log?


Hi @U797MAJ8M it's not clear what might have happened here - we'll dig into it soon though! Just to confirm, is it just this log line that you noticed? No other errors/anomalies during API operations?


glancing at the code, I would actually expect an exception to be thrown at (.get fut) here since it should be nil if I'm seeing the "s3 key not found" message?


Thanks for digging in further - I will take a proper look at this today 🙂


Circling back round to this - we think the latest dev-SNAPSHOT version should have resolved this, assuming it was caused by the eql/project issue resolved here: It would be interesting if you are able to confirm that, but hopefully it doesn't come up again anyway.


I think so!