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This isn’t clojure related, but I’m wondering whether anyone has had success using vim for Java development? There are some nice vim plugins for the common IDEs, but I’m always interested in using (neo)vim whenever possible.


it's definitely possible (I've used vim for java classes as part of bigger clojure apps), but you won't get the kind of tool-driven dev that IDE users expect (deeper tool integrations might exist but if I'd wanted those I would have been using an IDE in the first place...)

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@matt.wistrand i've had a pleasant experience developing java libraries/applications in neovim with LSP integration i use COC and

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When you say LSP integration, are you on neovim 0.5.0 (nightly)?


neovim is adding LSP client functionality directly into neovim in 0.5.0, but i haven't had time to try that out yet


Ah, gotcha. Thanks. I recently installed coc-java (I use coc.nvim for TS development), but still need to work out a few issues.