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I've written a Reveal plugin that lays out graphs (the kind of graph that's made up of vertices and directed edges):

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Found a time to give it a try, neat! I had a problem with using it as a git dep: some code refers to which is not present in the default paths, so to require it correctly I had to create an empty ns with this name.


Do you have plans to publish it on Clojars?


Thanks @UBXGY86ES. I appreciate it. I was lucky enough to find an algorithm HyperassociativeMap that does the actual laying out. I just had to make it callable at runtime.

Affan Salman14:01:52

Ah, that’s a useful find @cjmurphy. I appreciate both this pointer and the useful documentation in your repos (I’ve taken a quick look at ham_layout and show-graph).


I communicated a bit with the author of the HAM algorithm, Jeffrey Freeman. He recommended the license be changed to a more permissive one. Funny how the algorithm was buried in with so much other code. Now with ham_layout it is a bit more accessible, and of course runtime-friendly.