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will it be better if the tutorial video separate how to use and how it work . 😃


IMO to a certain extent knowing how it works makes it easier to use


though perhaps it makes sense to split videos for beginners vs advanced


I am not much of a believer in programming without understanding the system you are using. I understand people get impatient and just want to see “something work”..and that is what RAD will be for. Get something working without understanding it, and then learn as you go. But in any system: you will never be an effective developer until you understand more of the how.


I know the underlying is very important, I also considering it is a must if I really want learn something. I feel difficult as I said when I watching the video of form-state. There are 4 videos about form, I think the last 3 are about the built-in form-state support. To understand how it works, for me, firstly, it's better to know what the data looks like and what information I have to provide in the code. Then I can dive into how the job can be done by fulcro. maybe my thought is wrong, nevermind.


@tony.kay +1 on finding something else than slack (as long as it's not Facebook!) as I think it's weird that it's become normal for projects like Clojure to put their history behing a paywall


on a side note, saw this and thought of your new projects:


@tony.kay If you want to find any historical conversations from here, it's logged at


I’m well aware of it, but it sucks to read/search…you can’t just scroll back. It’s better than nothing, but that isn’t saying a lot.


I’m with you there - I’m active on one discord server and it’s unbelievably nice for searching.


not to bolt more things on... but I wonder if the solution might just be to make the clojureverse log more searchable and scrollable?


that'd be quite a project, though.


(in case you weren't aware of it - it was down for quite a while)