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I just published vim-iced 0.13.0!

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Someone said they were using vim-cljfmt and it didn't preserve marks. claims to do so, and should be easy enough to hook up.

Jan K18:11:17

It doesn't seem to support formatting clojure 😞 It's not listed in the readme and I'm getting Neoformat: formatter not defined for clojure filetype

Jan K18:11:51

Ah I can set up custom formatters... I'll try to set it up with cljfmt

Jan K19:11:43

Mmm I hooked it up with cljfmt through a script that calls my socket-repl (to reuse the running JVM). A bit hacky but seems to work nicely, it keeps marks as promised. Thanks for the tip @U09LZR36F 👍


Make sure to document it somewhere for others!


What did vim-cljfmt do BTW?

Jan K19:11:38

What do you mean?

Jan K19:11:12

If neoformat could be set up to run a vim command (ie. use vim-fireplace like vim-cljfmt does, I guess that's what you meant) instead of needing an executable do the formatting, I could ditch the script and the socket-repl, that would be much nicer. The setup with a socket-repl is a bit convoluted.

Jan K23:11:37

Sadly neoformat doesn't handle the issue where marks will "shift" when some previous lines are collapsed during formatting. Marks stay at the same line numbers, but it may be different code.


Hmm, that's strange. Marks are usually attached to text, not like numbers.