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Hi, I'm having trouble getting the "Resolve ... as ..." prompt to come up with alt-enter. I have def-like macros, for example, this is a simple case:

(defmacro def- [name val]
  `(def ^:private ~name ~val))

(def- xxx "xxx")

(def yyy xxx)
As described in the doc, I try positioning on xxx, yyy or def- above, but the only thing I see when I press alt-enter is "Configure indentation...".


The xxx shows as unresolved.


Check that the intention is enabled at Preferences | Editor | Intentions | Clojure | Resolution


That was it, thank you!

Ivar Refsdal13:11:53

After I upgraded to IntelliJ 2019.3, resolving java-native functions stopped working..?


So Cursive is doing a terrible job of saying what the problem is there, but the issue is that URLEncoder isn’t imported.


What I think has changed in 2019.3 is that the popups for importing classes work differently, and frequently disappear before you’ve had a chance to invoke them.

Ivar Refsdal15:11:35

Somehow URLEncoder isn't resolved, even if it is imported.

Ivar Refsdal15:11:10

I think this is the issue, that Cursive (?) / Idea does not resolve java native stuff since 2019.3. It worked fine in 2019.2.4

Ivar Refsdal15:11:27

Let me know if I can provide more information

Ivar Refsdal15:11:46

I have set the project to use JDK 11 ...


No, they definitely resolve in 2019.3 - I use Cursive to develop itself, and it’s basically a big ball of interop, and it’s all working fine for me. There must be something else going on. I’ll try to reproduce exactly your case there.

Ivar Refsdal13:11:34

Thanks otherwise for a great editor!


So IntelliJ in 2019.3 finally has a configurable shortcut to “Focus Editor” from another tool window! See Using IdeaVIM it was driving me nuts that pressing ESC returned automatically to the editor from the REPL. I have immediately configured another key than ESC to “Focus Editor”. But now I see, that pressing ESC in the editor does not exit “Insert mode”. Is this special code in Cursive? I saw this discussion: